Vinomax™ Pourer Aerator

Vinomax™ Pourer Aerator
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Wine has never been as full of aromatic flavors as it can be now. Try the VinoMax Wine Aerator Pourer! It utilizes the world’s only triple aeration system, which brings out the wine’s true taste and essence.

The PATENTED triple aeration process draws air into its chamber and mixes it three times with your wine to add the perfect amount of micro-bubbles to enhance the flavor, bouquet and finish of your red wine. Utilizing extremely small bubbles or drops increases the rate of aeration due to the higher contact surface area of the micro-bubbles, completing the process three times triples the benefits to your wine.

All other pourer "aerators" only send a stream of bubbles through the wine, which is ineffective. VinoMax developed their unique 3-stage system which delivers the exact amount of oxygen required to the wine, allowing it to open up and release its true essence and bouquet.

VinoMax can be easily opened for cleaning, and 100% dishwasher safe!

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